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Where Do You Find Dermestid Beetles?

Dermestid beetles are prized by taxidermists for their ability to quickly and efficiently clean the flesh off of skulls and bones. If you’re interested in improving your skull-cleaning and taxidermy skills, you may want to invest in a colony of these flesh-eating beetles—but where in the world can you even find these specialized insects?

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Which Animals Challenge Taxidermists the Most?

When it comes to preserving animals, either using traditional taxidermist methods or creating animal skulls (European mounts) and articulated skeletons, the process can present some challenges even for the most skilled taxidermists. The process of taxidermy involves preserving the animal in some form, whether that includes using its hide or skin or just its bones.

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Everything You Want to Know About Flesh-Eating Dermestid Beetles

The mention of flesh-eating Dermestid beetles can have people screaming for their lives and running for the hills. They automatically assume these beetles will feast on living flesh and quickly devour a person. Fortunately, this is just a big myth propagated by horror movies and other such myths.

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Skull Cleaning 101: Is a Skull Mount Right for Me?

Most hunters have prized trophies they want to give the full taxidermy treatment and preserve. For other game, skull cleaning and creating a skull mount provides another option for creating a stunning mount. The process to create a skull mount is not that difficult when using the best method, which is using dermestid beetles.

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