My colonies are 100% healthy; I absolutely guarantee no mites, fly larvae or other pests occurring in my colonies. My colonies are housed in a new purpose-built, tight building, designed for keeping out other insects. I can guarantee no fly larvae, mites or other insect invaders in my colonies.

If not purchasing from me, you will want to insure yourself that other sellers maintain the strict quality controls I maintain for my beetles, as these pests could eventually wipe out your colony. I hear frequently from frantic buyers who have purchased dirty bugs from others, and have had pests introduced to their existing colonies.

Dermestid beetles are a specialized species of beetle that eats only animal flesh.  Dermestid beetles are the longstanding preferred method of preparing skulls, used by many museum and university collections around the world.  Preparing skulls with Dermestid beetles has several advantages over other methods, such as boiling or composting.