Founder of Kodiak Bones & Bugs

About our Dermestid Beetle Company



I’m Ken, the Founder of Kodiak.

My transition from law enforcement on Alaskan waters to high-end taxidermy is quite a journey, and I’m eager to share it with you.

Outdoors in the Alaska Wilderness

I was blessed to have my 25-year dream career; serving as Assistant Special Agent in Charge with National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Law Enforcement, based in Kodiak AK. I enforced and supervised fisheries law enforcement in federal waters of the Western Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (including the “Deadliest Catch” crab fishery).


In the Fall, after enjoying the fishing season, I loved nothing more than chasing Sitka blacktail deer over the Kodiak Island landscape, as did both of my sons, who were born on “The Rock”. Liberal bag limits allowed for filling the freezer, then hiking high targeting quality bucks. Seeking an alternative to boiling, I had heard stories about dermestids. In 2005, after finally locating a source and paying an exorbitant price, I fumbled into a thriving colony.

Alaskan Adventures

A prominent professional Kodiak bear guide, Dick Rohrer, arm-twisted me into establishing a business. These guided customers desired the highest-quality beetle cleaned trophies. The bear-guide community promised they would embrace my business, (which they certainly did)! I perfected my craft by cleaning the “DLP” (lawfully killed in “Defense of Life and Property”) bears for Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game. Kodiak Bones & Bugs Taxidermy began as a professional, licensed business in 2007.


I retired in 2012 and with our sons in Portland and Spokane, in 2015 my wife and I relocated to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, where KBBT still operates. I continue to enjoy harvesting deer and turkey on my 40 acres of paradise.

Embracing Dermestids

While I still clean a small number of skulls for local customers, my passion lies with helping others establish and grow their colonies or businesses, and discovering the highest quality of final product using dermestids!