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100% Healthy Dermestid Beetles for Sale

We include detailed instructions for start-up, maintenance and growth of your colony, and procedures to prepare/clean skulls. These tips will greatly assist you in avoiding costly beginner mistakes while establishing and growing your colony.

If using dermestid beetles is new for you, you might have questions after they arrive. It is our priority to make sure that you have success with your beetle colony. We are available by phone or email to offer start-up support or address any questions or concerns. Thank you for your business!

**Beetle Purchase Update 11/14/2021**

Unfortunately, in mid-November, Kodiak Bones & Bugs reached a point where seasonal orders are peaking and intersecting with the reproductive biology of Dermestis maculatus.

In order to maintain a minimum base level of brood-stock and my own working colonies, I am forced to have to slightly delay some shipments. This delay also allows me to maintain my reputation for liberal “extras”.

I truly hate to disappoint customers and apologize for this situation. After ordering, I will contact you and advise you regarding the length of any delay. In most cases, it will not be longer than 7-10 days, maximum.

If this delay is unacceptable, I will gladly and immediately fully refund your order.


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