Dermestid beetles are prized by taxidermists for their ability to quickly and efficiently clean the flesh off of skulls and bones. If you’re interested in improving your skull-cleaning and taxidermy skills, you may want to invest in a colony of these flesh-eating beetles—but where in the world can you even find these specialized insects?

How to Identify Dermestid Beetles

The first step of obtaining Dermestid beetles is being able to properly identify them. These insects fall under the Dermestidae category in the family of Coleoptera. As adults, these beetles vary in size, shape, and color. Generally, Dermestid beetles are oval-shaped, are between 4mm to 10mm in size, and are brown or black in color.

Finding Dermestid Beetles in the Wild

Around the globe and all throughout nature, Dermestid beetles can commonly be found out in the wild. Dermestid beetles are present during death and decomposition. These insects are beneficial to the environment since they effectively clean up all dead animals and plants.

Finding Dermestid Beetles in Your Home

It’s not uncommon to find Dermestid beetles living right in your own home. The variety of Dermestidae that commonly infest homes are called carpet beetles. When living inside a home, these insects feed on fabrics, carpet, pet food, and dust.

Where to Purchase Dermestid Beetles

It’s surprisingly easy to find Dermestid beetles in the wild or in your own home if you look around for them. However, if you want a healthy, high-quality colony, it’s smarter to turn to trusted professionals. There are specialized stores with flesh-eating beetles for sale. If you’re interested in trying Dermestid beetles, contact Kodiak Bones & Bugs Taxidermy today at or 907-942-2847.