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My colonies are 100% healthy; I absolutely guarantee no mites, fly larvae or other pests occurring in my colonies. My colonies are housed in a new purpose-built, tight building, designed for keeping out other insects. I can guarantee no fly larvae, mites or other insect invaders in my colonies.

If not purchasing from me, you will want to insure yourself that other sellers maintain the strict quality controls I maintain for my beetles, as these pests could eventually wipe out your colony. I hear frequently from frantic buyers who have purchased dirty bugs from others, and have had pests introduced to their existing colonies.

I include detailed written instructions for start-up, maintenance and growth of your colony, and procedures to prepare/clean skulls. These instructions include important points learned from years of raising and using dermestids. These tips will greatly assist you in avoiding costly beginner mistakes while establishing and growing your colony!

After-sales “tech support”
If dermestids are new for you, you likely WILL have questions. It is my priority to insure you have success with your colony. I am available and responsive by phone or email to offer start-up support or address any questions or concerns. Don’t waste your money or take chances with your trophy, consider what after-the-sale support is worth…?

I specialize in assisting in the successful set-up and growth of artisanal skull cleaning businesses.


Payment and Shipping Information

Your colony is shipped using Priority Mail, to insure rapid delivery. Normal delivery time is 4-5 days following purchase. The beetles/larvae are shipped in the sawdust-like medium they create (called “frass”) when they reduce specimen and bedding material. The frass has insulating properties, and helps insure the colony survives the trip in familiar surroundings, ready to immediately begin cleaning and reproducing. The frass also contains beetle eggs, which will hatch within days.

All shipments are marked “Perishable” and “No Heat/Freeze”. I have learned and employ several important points regarding successful packing and shipping of dermestids In winter or if it is cold, I also include heat packs to insure they arrive safely. A delivery confirmation shipping number will be emailed to buyers upon shipping, to allow tracking your shipment via USPS.COM.

My beetles and service have been specifically recommended by professional taxidermists on I have many references and repeat customers who will confirm customer satisfaction is the primary ethic behind my business.

Institutional Customers I am a strong advocate of dermestids in education! I am the provider of choice for many universities, museums and youth organizations.

Shipping to Canada/abroad:

I do ship to Canada and many foreign countries. I possess the required export permit from US Fish and Wildlife Service. Due to Customs and clearance delays, foreign shipments must travel International Express Mail. The cost for any size colony is $45 for CA shipments and slightly more for other countries. I will refund any balance above actual shipping costs. Please contact us for specifics. However, I do add additional larvae for my foreign customers, to help defray these higher shipping costs.

Please purchase with confidence! Thank you for the opportunity to meet your needs.

Your online security is important to us. Paypal administers my purchase process; I do not have credit card numbers or other personal information.

5000+ beetle/larvae colony – $450
+ 7% sales tax

1000+ beetle/larvae colony – $125
+ 7% sales tax

300+ beetle/larvae colony – $60
+ 7% sales tax

Larger orders accepted. Contact us for discount information on larger orders.

  • Be sure to provide an accurate shipping address, and an email address, so I can notify you upon shipping.
  • If you prefer to send a check or money order, please add 7% sales tax. This may be sent to:
    KBBT, 24 High Meadow Drive, Lyle, WA 98635

All prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail!
Shipments are normally made no later than 2-3 days following receipt of payment. Special shipping arrangements can generally be accommodated with prior notification.

For FAQ’s regarding maintaining a dermestid beetle, click here